How to contribute to Automne

Automne was created and is maintained by a dedicated technical team at WS Interactive. Our philosophy is to give the community the necessary tools to optimise their Automne experience and to recevie feedback and contributions from users to enable Automne to evolve within an open-source environment. 

Whether you're a user or a developer, any contribution is welcome.

You can contribute in multiple ways:

  • Via our forum to ask or mention any problems you may have with Automne,
  • Propose or vote for new features through the suggestions box (French only),
  • Write or record tutorials that we can add to Automne's website, 
  • Adding contributions to pages and the documentation to detail any issues or give examples.
  • Sending us any comments about Automne, the site, or the documentation.
  • And finally, as in all open source software, by adding or modifying functions within the Automne code source.
    In this case, your can sen request for merging via Launchpad what you've accomplished or contact us directly to send the new code to be integrated. We test all incoming additions from the community and a return will be sent as to the quality of your work.

Thank you for any help you can offer!