CMS Automne : Open source Content Management System

CMS Automne: Open source Content Management System

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Automne, a CMS built for businesses, agencies and associations. Manage your internet, intranet, or extranet web content using its intuitive interface without quitting your site environment. Try the demo.

Automne is open-source, free to download, and written in PHP and distributed under the GNU-GPL licence. is the web portal to discover all the Automne functions as well as access to the help plateform for Documentation, FAQ, and Forum.

Don't lose yourself in complicated administation platforms. "Taste the simplicity" to manage your web sites.

WS Interactive

WS Interactive, editor of Automne, insures the quality of evolutions offered by the community, and proposes support and training adapted to your needs.

Automne is maintained in France by WS Interactive, a web agency specialized in content management. Although Automne is primarily geared to the French market, Automne is available for international users who speak English. Your websites can be built to meet multiple language needs, and the back-office is available for French and English Speakers.

Try the demo, or visit the Blog (in French) to stay up to date with the latest Autonme news.

If you are looking for specific services to integrate Automne for your web projects, check out