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This module detects user's user-agent and allows to display specific kind of information according to it.

It's based on the excellent following open-source libairies PHPBrowscap et WURFL.

The primary goal of this module was to identify a particular mobile browser.

This module is edited by WS Interactive and follows the Automne development cycle.

Documentation : » Module d'Analyse du navigateur
Author(s) : Sébastien Pauchet
License : GNU-GPL
Requirements : Additionnal requirements
Module version : 0.23
Compatible versions : 4.2.1, 4.2.0
Release date : 15/02/2012
Certification : Gold

The module code has been verified, it meets the quality criteria required for production use. Its documentation is complete.

Download : Version 0.23 (1.2Mo)

Changelog : 0.23
[REFACTOR] : Update WURFL to API version 1.3.1 and database version 2.3
[REFACTOR] : Update PHPBrowscap to version 1.0
[REFACTOR] : Use Zend_Http_Client to update Browscap (allow usage of proxy)
[FEATURE] : Add ua=reset query string to force session reset

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