Installation and use of Automne 4 requirements

Required software and components:

Linux server, Windows, Max OSX, Solaris, BSD, or any kind of unix system able to run these three programs needed by Automne:

Minimum version of navigators for Automne administration:

The prerequisites in terms of browser for public sites created using Automne depend on models used to create pages.

Configuration prerequisites

  • PHP "safe_mode" option disabled.
  • PHP installed as an Apache module (CGI version offers lower performance but works).
  • PHP GD Extension GD (needed to works on images) with libraries JPEG, GIF and PNG.
  • PHP MbString Extension.
  • 64MB of memory for PHP scripts (depending on the number of installed PHP extensions: further extensions require more memory).
  • PHP PDO Extension installed with MySQL driver.
  • PHP CLI Module available on the server with "system" and "exec" functions to use background tasks.
  • Zlib extension (allow HTML compression).
  • PHP "magic_quotes_gpc" option disabled.
  • Apache must have the right to create and edit all Automne files on the server to use automatic installation and update system. Without that, some parts of the installation and updates should be done manually.
  • An opcode PHP cache like APC or Zend optimizer is a plus for performance purposes.


For performance reasons, we recommand the use of an Unix server (Linux, Solaris, Mac) in production.

Because of the use of .htaccess files, the Apache server is strongly recommended. Automne should be able to run on another type of HTTP server but no tests have done in this direction so far.