Automne features

Automne is a CMS and a development platform.  All within a collaboratif framework where appropriation of the system is intuitive thanks to the quality of its administration interface. 

Types of sites created with Automne 4

  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Collaborative portals
  • Enterprise applications
  • Secure SSL sites
  • Accessibility sites, Bronze or Silver

Automne 4 administration interface

Automne 4 features

Content management

  • Graphical creation,
  • Administration within your website,
  • Create/modify/delete pages,
  • WYSIWYG visual editor,
  • Tables, copy/paste from Word (parsed),
  • Insert, compress, resize, and crop images,
  • Dynamic site structure with automatic update,
  • POLYMOD, module generator
  • Personalised modules,
  • Internal search engine,
  • Publication dates management,
  • Media center : documents / photos / videos / podcasts,
  • Forms : create and configure,
  • Library of templates and rows XML/CSS styles,
  • Search engine optimisation and accessibility,
  • Versioning and archiving (draft mode),
  • Dynamic news modules,
  • RSS feeds with modules,
  • Print pages,
  • Google Map,
  • Site map.

Advanced features

  • Workflow,
  • User and group management and profiling,
  • Attribution of rights by role (RBAC),
  • LDAP, Active Directory, SSO (under development build),
  • Manage content status,
  • Lock and unlock ressources,
  • Email notifications, alertes,
  • Action log,
  • Multi-site management,
  • Multi-languange management.


  • Significant Url for pages/products,
  • Referencing tags and accessibility,
  • Meta tag definition per page/product,
  • International back-office French/English.

Read the on-line documentation.

See the screenshots

Packaged Automne 4 modules

  • Media center module: centralise, share, post, download different medias (documents, videos, images, podcasts) in a commun database available anywhere on your site according to the associated rights;
  • News : create, publish, manage, and sort your news according to publication dates and themes;
  • Forms: send an email from a form, submitted forms are stocked in a database available for export, user identification, polls, etc.
  • Alias : Create web alternative addresses (URL) for your web pages.

Use these modules or create your own modules with the Polymod.

Independent Modules (available soon):

  • Fulltext search engine on documents of type doc, docx, sxw, odt, xls, pdf, ppt, html, xml, rtf (requires Xapian installed on your hosting server).
  • Mailing list.
  • Statistics.

Automne 4 technologies:

Automne 4 employs the following open-source components

Thanks to these open-source tools Automne offers an enhanced administration interface. Thank you to all the authors involved.