Automne : Content Management System


Automne is an open source CMS (content management system) dedicated to professional web sites and also works as a web development platform for integrator and developers. Create and administrate web content and enterprise applications for internet, intranet, extranet and  collaborative portals.

Learn more about the Automne 4 features, standard and advanced, its licence agreement, the prerequisites, as well the user guide for content providers and development contributors in the site.

Created in 1999 by WS Interactive, and entirely rebuilt in 2009 with the latest Web 2 technologies, Automne 4 is a whole new administration interface based on your site environment for an intuitive experience.

Automne 4 is coded in PHP 5, using the MySQL database and published under the GNU-GPL licence GNU-GPL.

There are no licence fees and you can use freely Automne.

Automne strengths

Ergonomics: work directly while navigating your site. Content is created using a WYSIWYG visual editor. Page creation is intuitive and allows you to immediately see your modifications within their page layout. 

Robust: Automne 4 is built to manage thousands of pages and dynamically generated content. It is based on best-of-breed technology: PHP 5, MySQL, XML, XHTML, CSS et Javascript. Object-oriented, Automne is based on a modular architecture. 

Collaborative: Automne 4 web sites are edited by content providers and managed by administrators, each member having their roles defined with rights given by the administrator. With an integrated workflow, each user can manage a specific section of the site and follow the content evolutions integrated by all members of the section. One or several editorial managers validate the creations and modifications submitted by content providers. 

Accessibility: Using native XHTML, you can develop your site respecting strict accessiblity normes with the help of Automne 4.

Modular: Create seamlessly into your site blogs, polls, comments, wikis, forums, contribution zones, etc, using the built-in Polymod, the module generator. No knowledge of PHP is needed. You can add an unlimited amount of dyanmic applications to enrich the Automne 4 installed functions according to your needs. 

Scalable: Regular updates are published to enhance the Automne features. 

Supported: Automne is edited by WS Interactive, web agency that proposes training programs for content providers, developers, and integrators including a support platform on line.